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February 2008 Blog Posts (22)

Skateboarding Etiquette 101


Ok boys and girls it’s education time. If you think skateboarding has nothing to do with school, then apparently you didn’t receive your syllabus. Even though there is no homework, final, or report card. I promise this information is life saving, so take notes.

Lets start with skate parks. We’ve all been there on a cold rainy day where the maximum capacity sign reads “60”, but there’s 600 little kids running around thinking there at Chuck E Cheese. I’ve seen kids use the… Continue

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Skate Legend Cab takes 1st At Bowl-A-Rama

OZ Bowl-A-Rama 08 Results
Results are in from the 4th annual Bowlarama at Bondi Beach’s coast side bowl in Australia.

Steve Caballero
Mick Mullhall
Kevin Staab
Lester Kasai
Pat Ngoho
Sasha Steinhorst
Cameron Dowse
Johnny McGrath
Luke Foster
Danny Van

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Skate Spots

HELLO PEOPLES!!! Can SomeoneTell Me some Good Skate Spots in Richmond ,VA !!!!! TY

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Maloof Money Cup Video Contest! Week 1 Winner!

Congratulations to Morgan Burgess our Week 1 winner! Morgan won a certificate for a pair of etnies shoes and is now entered to win a trip to compete in the US Amateur Championship at the Maloof Money Cup!

Find more videos like this on maloofmoneycup

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WEEKLY WINNERS Maloof Money Cup Weekly Video… Continue

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The Pink Motel

Photos by Darryl and Rodney Jones

Words by Darryl (Positiv's Team Manager)


Andy Mac and Rodney Jones at Airwalk photo shoot.

Every once in a while I get a friendly reminder of why I’m in this business. On the day of February 6th. my reminder came in the colors pink and blue. The Pink Motel and its famous empty blue pool have been home for many of sessions over the years. Today though, it was all Andy and Rodney with a few photographers, video cameras, and a… Continue

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I did my first impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The IV Edition Giveaway!

Win $500!

Enter In Just 4 Easy Steps:

1. Change your default profile picture on your MySpace page to the "Braille - The IV Edition animated gif" by 04/15/08.This must remain your profile picture for the duration of the contest to avoid disqualification. (GIF is available at as the default pic)

2. Add Braille profile ( to your "top 8" section. Braille must remain in… Continue

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So You Want To Be Sponsored



member Brad Asked the Pro:

hey guys... ok so here's my question,

What can a skater do to get noticed by some


So You Want To Be Sponsored

By Gary Smith

If you love skateboarding as much as I do and want to live “under the radar” of society, then being sponsored may be the perfect “non” job to… Continue

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alright....i am goofy stanced and i think i can land a varial heelflip... well instead of doing a frontside shov-it i do a backside shov-it.... so is it still a varial heelflip?? if not then when the heck is it then?

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Danny Way To Jump the Sphynx at the Luxor?

Rumor Mill

We ran across this online article stating that Danny Way was spotted in Vegas planning his next stunt: skating down the front of the Luxor Hotel and jumping the Sphynx in the front. No official word from the DC camp or Danny’s site, but it seems like something he would do.

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I was down the boardroom the other day, just to check out what's going on, no skating for me, just chilling, ankle is no where near ready for skating on yet lol

Dave gave me a free t-shirt! lol I guess its promotion for them, and its like, "hey you broke your ankle here, have a t-shirt!" lol

It's been sound, need to get some shots of the t-shirt up here, they're sick

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Gary Smith Joins the Interstate Nation



Hello skaters, info junkies, and anyone else who thinks skateboarding is cool.

My name is Gary Smith and I am a professional skateboarder who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. I’ll be writing a couple blogs a week for Interstate on skateboarding related issues. First off I just turned thirty and have been skating for 18 years (wow I didn’t realize it’s been that long). I currently skate for Hoodlum skateboards, Krux trucks, Ergophobia clothing,… Continue

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Jenna Jameson does Zoo York


The queen of the adult entertainment industry, Jenna Jameson, has teamed up with Zoo York for a limited edition skate deck. Here we have is the ad for it. The ad crated by davidandgoliath has characters from the Karma Sutra books engaged in sexual activities with a skateboard. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Source: I Believe in… Continue

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Skater Stops Robber

Last week we brought you the the story of a roid raging cop in Baltimore. Here is a story of a couple of Florida skaters playing cop and doing the right thing!

DAYTONA BEACH -- Some skateboarding teens standing in line at a convenience store used their boards to pummel and capture a 46-year-old man trying to rob a convenience store, police said in a report from WKMG Local 6 News.

Investigators said Richard Parris entered the Kangaroo convenience store on State Road A1A in… Continue

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Bones Bearing Cleaner Kit


Bones Bearing Cleaner Kit - finally, a bearing cleaning unit brought to you by the bearing company by which all quality standards are measured. Bones has spent the last couple of years fine tuning and cutting the cost of their bearing cleaning unit to make it affordable to everyone. The bearing cleaner is designed to clean up to 8 bearings at a time. They are separated on a pin by 7 spacers to insure good flow of the cleaning agent throughout all the bearings and allowing more… Continue

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issues in skateboarding

Poser: ok this is seriously getting me mad. just because someone wants to start skateboarding and cnat ollie or kickflip they're automaticaly a poser? people act like they picked a board and then did a switch F/S flip off a 20 stair. every sk0ater was a beginer so stop hating and let them fucking skate

brands:just because someone likes elemet, birdhouse and other companies they're "posers"? you know pros and ams ride for those companies you call "poser companies"?

clothes while being… Continue

Added by Christian on February 13, 2008 at 8:53pm — 2 Comments


The modern skateboarding community is full of so many assholes. Its been bad, but it seems like its getting worse every freakin' second. Seriously, I can't even bring my board with me when I leave the house without being called a poseur every two seconds.... What do I have to do get people off my back? Constant nollie 360 inward heelflips? Do I have to have a pocket full of sequences depicting me doing hardflips at the carlsbad gap?

I've walked around school with my board before, and… Continue

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When you next Skating?

So I've become a bit of a legend in my local skate shop. Last time I was in there I had some complete strangers come up to me and go, "dude! you're that guy who fucked his ankle up, can we have a look?" and of course, I oblige, I mean why not, its funny! (now)

Hopefully I will be able to skate again around the end of March, but I really dunno how far I'm gonna go with skating, I mean it really has been a while now, and do I really wanna get back into it knowing what could happen to… Continue

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My trick list

I can ride bowls and half pipes


2.pop-shuv it



5.swicth ollie

6.rock to fakie


8.axle stall (vert)…


Added by Mikey on February 7, 2008 at 9:42pm — 1 Comment

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